野間 健太郎
Born in Takamatsu, Japan, in 1982
Call me Ken!

Positions and Employment

2021-PresentAssociate ProfessorNagoya University
2017-2021Designated Assistant ProfessorNagoya University
2016-2020PRESTO researcherJST

Education and Training

YearDegree and positionAffiliationSupervisor
2012-2017Research Associate (HHMI)UCSDDr. Yishi Jin
2010-2012Postdoctoral FellowUCSDDr. Yishi Jin
2010Ph.D. in ScienceKyoto UniversityDr. Yoshinori Fujiyoshi
2007Master's Degree in ScienceKyoto UniversityDr. Yoshinori Fujiyoshi
2005Bachelor's Degree in Science Kyoto University Dr. Yoshinori Fujiyoshi
2000Takamatsu High School

Honors and Awards

  • Best speaker award, Studium Generale (Lecture series in Nagoya University in English), 2018. Video
  • Innovation Grant (Society of Developmental Biology), 2016
  • DeLill Nasser Award (Genetics Society of America), 2016
  • Oral Presentation Award, 7th Asia Pacific C. elegans meeting, Beijing, China, June 25-29, 2016
  • Third place in the oral presentation research award at the 3rd Annual UCSD Postdoctoral Research Symposium, Sept 14, 2015

Teaching Experiences

ClassGradeUniversitySemesterLanguageYear# sessions
Cell Biology IB2Nagoya Univ.FallEnglish2021-Present15
Cell Biology IIB2Nagoya Univ. FallEnglish2021-Present15
Genetics IIIB3Nagoya Univ. FallEnglish2022-Present5
Physiology and Anatomy IIB3Nagoya Univ. FallEnglish2020-Present2
Bioscience LaboratoryB1Nagoya Univ. SpringEnglish2022-Present1 day
Basic laboratory Training CourseB2Nagoya Univ. SpringEnglish2023-Present5 days
生物学実験B1Nagoya Univ. SpringJapanese2021-Present1
基礎生物学演習 IB2Nagoya Univ. SpringJapanese2022-Present8
基礎生物学演習 IIB2Nagoya Univ. FallJapanese2020-20218
生物学基礎IβB1Nagoya Univ. SpringJapanese2023-Present1
生物学基礎IIαB1Nagoya Univ. FallJapanese2023-Present1
生体構築論講義2Nagoya Univ. FallJapanese2022-Present1
生活の中の科学B1-B4Nagoya Univ. of EconomicsSpringJapanese2021-Present 4-5

Meeting organizer

nFuture2018Japanese meeting of C. elegans and other nematodesOrganizer2018Web page
nFuture2019Japanese meeting of C. elegans and other nematodesMain organizer2019Web page
虫の夕べMonthly seminar series in the C. elegans communityOrganizer2020-Present
Kansai Worm MeetingAnnual C. elegans meeting in the Kansai areaOrganizer2021-Present
アカデミックフラッシュMonthly flash talks at Nagoya and Gifu Univ. (Online)Organizer2021-2023Web page
MBSJ2022Annual meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of JapanOrganizer2022Web page
第1回分子生命反応創発討論会Spin-off meeting of Souhatsu grant groupsOrganizer2023Web page
老化の多面的理解に向けた融合の場Spin-off meeting of Souhatsu grant groupsMain organizer2023
nFuture2023Japanese meeting of C. elegans and other nematodesOrganizer2023Web page


Find the information here at 日本の研究.com.


  • Studium Generale (Lecture series in Nagoya University in English), 2018. Video
  • Mei-dai Cafe (Public talk in Japanese organized by Nagoya University), 2022. Video


  • The fourth rank of the black belt of Karate in Gojyu style. Do not mess with him 🙂