2023.6.9 Enkhjin farewell party

Enkhjin is going to graduate and start working at a company in Japan! We did a farewell party for her. Good luck!

2023.4.4 Group photo

2023.3.24 Hanami

We did Hanami (cherry blossom viewing party) at Chioyobo Inari near the campus and celebrated Ryusei's graduation!

2023.2.6 Ken's birthday

We celebrated Ken's 41st birthday! He got a worm cake, beer, and very expensive coffee made from cat poop (kopi luwak) from his lab members. He also got donuts, cookies, and C. elegans crochet from his students in his Cell Biology classes. What a wonderful BD!

2022.12.18 Year-End Party

We had a Year-End Party in our group! Five alumni (three are in the US) attended the reunion via Zoom. At the research session, current students gave short presentations, and we voted for the Discovery of the Year award. Everyone did great presentations, but the award went to Rikuou! Congratulations!

Hot pot + awesome dishes Binta made

2022.11.30-12.2 MBSJ2022

Ken organized MBSJ2022 at Makuhari as an organizing committee. He also organized a workshop, "Memento Mori: The blueprint of aging and death" with Dr. Motoshi Hayano and gave a talk. Ryusei, Rikuou, Yuto, and Binta gave poster presentations. Sota and Waddiyah attended and got some inspiration. The current members also had a small reunion with some alumni living near Tokyo. It was a big success!!

2022.7.5 Thesis presentations

Enkhjin and Yana gave presentations about their theses. Great job!!

2022.7.1 Yana farewell and Rotation

Yana is going to graduate and leave for New York University! We did a farewell party for her. Also, we did an after-party for rotation students Wen Wei and Misheelt. Unfortunately, the other rotation student, Joya, cannot attend the party because she is out of town. They did an excellent job on their rotation projects!

2022.4.5 Group photo

2022.3.25 Graduation

Rikuou and Mizuho graduated from Nagoya University. Congratulations!! Ken could not attend the ceremony due to COVID19...

2022.2.14-18 Thesis presentations

Rikuou and Mizuho presented Bachelor's and Master's studies, respectively. Rikuou got third place for his presentation and successfully advertised the T-shirt he designed! Great job for both!!

2021.12.19 Year-end party

We had the Year-end party/Reunion with alumni for the first time!! We are glad that ALL the alumni attended! In the research session, Mizuho got the Discovery of the Year prize. Congratulations, Mizuho!

2021.12.1-3 MBSJ2021

We attended the 44th Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan (MBSJ2021) in Yokohama, Japan. Mizuho and Rikuou presented their posters. Great job!

We attended the 44th Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan (MBSJ2021) in Yokohama, Japan. Mizuho and Rikuou presented their posters. Great job!

2021.8.20 Long's presentation

A high school student, Long, completed a one-month internship in the lab and gave a final presentation. It was awesome! Are you really a high school student!?

2021.7.5 Cassandra's and Nadia's theses

Cassandra and Nadia got the Best Presentation Award for their Master's and Bachelor's presentations, respectively. We are so proud of you!!

2021.2.10 Ken's birthday

Our lab members prepared difficult quizzes and a delicious cake! Ken got a T-shirt with Rikuou's hand-drawing. This day is also the birthday of the word "Nomatode".

2020.4.3 Group photo

2019.4.8 Group photo